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YCF Loreleis Synchronized Swimming

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Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming is a hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers performing an elaborate routine in the water, accompanied by music. 

Synchro requires a unique combination of overall body strength and agility, grace and beauty, split-second timing, musical interpretation, stamina and dramatic flair. 


Mary Rose

The Loreleis is a developmental and competitive synchronized swimming team which was founded in 1975 by former Weeki Watchee Mermaid legend Mary Rose. Mary dedicated her life to the sport and to the athletes she coached for over 35 years. A pioneering force for the sport, she achieved numerous awards both as an athlete and an official. Her passing in 2009 was not without heartache, however her spirit lives on through the team she created. The team logo was modified in 2010 by including a rose to honor Mary's memory.  


The Loreleis

The team continues to grow as a new generation carries on Mary’s vision of teamwork and respect. The structure of each practice for our swimmers varies, but essentially incorporates exercises in and out of the water to develop their aerobic and anaerobic abilities, as well as, muscular fitness to build strength, endurance, speed, power, balance, flexibility and agility. Synchronized swimming is a very demanding sport requiring hard work, dedication and self- discipline.